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Why our focus is on First Time Buyers like you

So you might be asking the question - after 20 years of providing financing solutions for clients why have we decided to focus on first time buyers?  Well, it started back in late 2014 when we realized there was a consistent message that we were hearing from first time buyers. They believed that it would probably take them at least a couple of years to own a home and that even if they could buy one, with what the media was saying, they didn’t even know if was a good decision.


But here is where it get’s interesting. When we looked back at 2014 and with all the first time buyers we had met, and we found that our average time to go from initial meeting to home purchase was 3 to 6 months. That’s when we realized that we had to do something.

How many people are renting when they could be owning? How much money could we help people save just by simplifying the home buying process? So with these questions in mind we went to work and over the past couple of years we’ve built various tools, and made a significant impact with everyone we met. The problem was that we weren’t reaching all the renters out there - people still had to find us. So with some help of an amazing design team we launched Our First Home.

Our goal was to create something that hasn’t been done before in the mortgage finance industry. To create a platform that can educate First Time Buyers - at their own pace. A platform that can simplify the process of buying your first home, and give you a map of how to make it happen. We are putting all of our experience, advice and financial hacks out there for you to use, there is nothing held back.As we say on our About page - we believe that owning real estate is a key ingredient in financial and emotional security. We’d love the opportunity to help you make it happen.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the 5 Step e-course. It will guide you through what you need to do so that you can finally give you landlord his 30 day notice!

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