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Interest Rate Update – BOC Offers Hint of Optimism

The Bank of Canada (BOC) left rates unchanged today, however the tone of their statement had a hint of optimism.

The main points in today's message were that the global economy is still moving forward, employment in Canada is improving and business investment is picking up. The last point is critical since the it's the key ingredient to sustained economic growth.

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Why our focus is on First Time Buyers like you

So you might be asking the question - after 20 years of providing financing solutions for clients why have we decided to focus on first time buyers?  Well, it started back in late 2014 when we realized there was a consistent message that we were hearing from first time buyers. They believed that it would probably take them at least a couple of years to own a home and that even if they could buy one, with what the media was saying, they didn’t even know if was a good decision.

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