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Ready? Set? Let's Go Get Your Home!

How this process will help you buy

your first home faster

In this fast paced real estate market, you need to be able to make decisions quickly. To do that you need to have a thorough understanding of both your finances and personal goals.

That's where we come in.

Through our three stage process, developed from 20 years of mortgage experience, you'll gain the clarity and focus you need so that so you can confidently write an offer on that home you have your eye on.

Let us be your guide on this journey.  We've been here before and we know the way!

A Quick Review Before You Write That Offer

Stage One: Get Clear

Get Clear On:

Your Future

Your Finances

Life Plan First

You don't have to an exact picture of the what the future will hold, but if you have  a vision of what it might look like, it can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

What's Your Budget?

Know your limit, play within it! It's applicable to lotteries and West Coast living. We'll help you make sure your  new home will fit with your lifestyle.

Fine Tuning Your Finances

 We'll review your finances,  fine tune the numbers so that you can buy your first home sooner.  Time to give your landlord notice!

Getting Pre-Approved

You won't need to trudge from bank to bank trying  find a lender thats fit your needs . We  do that for you!   We'll even reserve an interest rate for while you are shopping for the perfect home!

Stage Two: Get Focused

Get Focused:

Find a Realtor

Find Your Home

Choosing Your Realtor

Do you feel that picking an agent is harder than buying a home?  You're not alone!   We know some excellent agents that love working with First Time Buyers.

The House Hunt

Now that your realtor has shown you some properties,  it feels like you’ve got even more questions! Don’t worry - ask away! How ever many phone calls it takes we'll make sure you'll be completely clear.  We promise!

Getting Ready to Write

You’re getting closer!  This is when we team up with your realtor and work our magic behind the scenes.  Things are happening fast so you might start to feel a little overwhelmed at this point.  We know exactly what you need to do and we’ll guide you through each of the steps.

Writing an Offer

Ready! Set! Go! We'll work with your realtor to map out the best strategy to get you your offer accepted! Get ready to ride the emotional roller coaster! Fear not!  You've got this!

Stage Three: Get Owning

Get Owning:

The Final Steps 

To Owning

 Your Home

They Accepted Your Offer!

You've agreed on a price, and now you'll have  4 - 5 days to make sure everything is ok with the property.  We'll be talking a lot - good thing we don't work banker's hours!

Choosing Your Mortgage

Now that you have an accepted offer we'll finalize the numbers and select a mortgage that fits with your life goals uncovered in the Stage 1 process.   

Saying Yes With Confidence

Nobody likes surprises! That's why we'll map out all the steps and ensure you know exactly what you need to do.  You'll walk away feeling  confident - ready to take the final step and remove any conditions that were in your offer. Get ready to break out the champagne - you’ve just bought a home!

The Last Step

While you've been day dreaming about furnishing your new home, your realtor, notary and us have been busy behind the scenes wrapping up the loose ends! You're days away from walking through the front door of your own home.  No more renting for you!  Doesn't that feel amazing!

Coming Home to Your Own Place...

How Good Would That Feel?!

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